Pamac Not checking for updates

Hello Everyone. I'm not sure exactly when it happend but right around the time stuff happened to Chaotic AUR my Pamac stopped checking for updates. It just says that there are no updates, but discover and octopi as well as pacman show updates. I've updated the mirrorlist via the reflector a few times and even uninstalled and reinstalled pamac a few times. I'm using Pamac-all from chaotic (I know a lot of people don't like pamac) and I was wondering if there were anythings I should try? There are no errors when updating via pacman -Syu.

Reading other forums it seems there is an issue with pamac 10 listing updates, perhaps a missing manjaro hook. I know there's a new update for pamac in manjaro unstable which might fix it. I've read refreshing databases in pamac settings should list the updates


Discover is a good choice to do updates. The same is Octopi. (if you prefer GUI, since pacman is the golden standard!)


Awesome. Thanks for the update guys. Looks like this might be an upstream issue so I will just wait. Refreshing in settings works. BTW is there a way to get PACMAN to check the AUR for updates?
That's the feature i'm the most concerned about.

No. There will never be.

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So I just have to look up the packages myself then? Can you get yay to update Aur packages?

Yes, but these are questions you can easily find the answer to with a quick internet search.

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This is the reason yay is built. Also trizen, paru and other AUR helpers.
They can also update from normal repos, as pacman.
Use one of them, if you want. Just be cautious with AUR packages. We can't support issues from those.

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Cool thanks guys!

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So what fixed Pamac for me was adding pamac-tray to autostart. apparently pamac 10 moves some essential hooks over to that and if it doesn't start with the system pamac can't check for updates. Or at least it wasn't for me. Thanks again guys.

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