Pamac gui and discover gui unuseable

i already wrote in the german forum

updates are not shown neither in pamac nor discover

only if you query via console
or install a program via pamac gui
all updates are shown

like the new kernel etc

can't even adjust it

tried it set to one day backwards

end of story pamac gui crashes

now i installed via console

and just wanted to uninstall my test program firefox developer which shows up as installed

but pamac gui says error not present

now tried timeshift a few days later

but nothing works

used timeshift tried again and again pamac it is always up to date but using console there are updates

it seems that pamac gui is broken even with discover no updates

only console still works

i did not reset the home directory
but that's what i didn't want to do a new installation
just got garuda set up very well

am totally frustrated don't want to reinstall

You have to find some error messages from those programs, that explain the problem. There is no magic lamp available for the next year :wink:
Start pamac or discover in terminal, or check your journal.


Just a few minutes ago, I was able to use Discover to update 90 KDE programs, no problems at all. Yesterday, I did another update with Discover, no problems. But the most recent update of Pamac is a mess.

I have used Discover a lot and it never failed, even all pacman hooks are accomplished as with pacman.
I personally never use Pamac intentionally. It does a lot (or all) of the tasks with custom (compared to pacman) code, reinventing the wheel, for no sane (to me) reason. A bug in Pamac can do a lot of harm. And as we all know, pacman devs claim it's absolutely bug free :smiley:.


Come on pacman or Arch has nothing to do with pamac that's a Manjaro piece of software?


I think pamac is fine as a software centre to simply browse for programs or maybe do an occaisainal one off install. I would never personally rely on it with KDE for system updates.

A little over a year ago the distro that primarily developed that app had a full meltdown breakage with pamac and it was unable to perform any updates at all. It was a good thing they had not implemented their plan to remove pacman before that major bug occurred or that would have been a major SNAFU.

Pamac's coding is extremely simplistic compared to pacman. Pacam is only designed to one thing, but it does that one thing well. It is not intended for AUR, Flatpack, or Snaps installs, only repository installs (but it does that one thing flawlessly).


i like pamac gui and i have no problems to install aur flatpack snaps i think
also a great build system and system updates as kernel will work for me
as long as I already use it
don't know if the problem is solved for the displayed up to date
but i have forgotten to update the database :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :rofl:

after that it shows me a lot of stuff LOOOOOL

but don't know that it not automatic do that

there were no bad experience with pamac gui it should not because it only builds on the console commands or????

I've said it before; Octopi handles package installation without problem, plus it's QT. Early on, before I knew any better, I also used it for updates. Again, without problem.

I only use Octopi for package installation now and run Topgrade (including Yay & Fwupd) every couple days and it takes care of my updating needs.

Arch has updates every day. Every day. I don' need no stinkin' reminder to remind me of that. Nor do I need multiple interfaces (Discover). :wink:


maybe i will try

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Pamac is a disaster it tries the reinvent the wheel Manjaro style use the terminal and yay. yay is a frontend for pacman and AUR.
pamac does not use pacman it uses its own tools and just keeps failing after every update,
if you want a GUI for pacman use tkpacman it uses the pacman syntax and just works, but it is ugly to some


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