Pacman python-pytorch-opt-rocm huge install size

I should probably report this to the arch maintainers of this package, but I am leaving this here in case anyone knows about it. This package requires a whopping 27 GB of free space to install. I guess no one noticed that before, but I was on a small partition to test something before committing to install the distro, so I did. The thing is that it's only 1369.37 MiB installed. Something doesn't add up. There's a dependency chain that was detected. This could be a problem with pacman calculations in that situation.

It looks to me like it just has a bunch of large dependencies. I don't see anything obviously wrong here.

You are comparing the size of the one package and the size of that package plus all of it's dependencies. That is why it doesn't add up.

Are you referring to this?

warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: intel-oneapi-openmp will be installed before its intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-runtime dependency

That is just a normal warning. It doesn't impact the sizes of the packages installed.


Alright, thank you. I misunderstood the situation and pacman. I thought it was a simpler python package and it didn't take very long to install.

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