Pacman Problem - Pamac too

Pamac is not a Garuda project. Garuda has no control over how well third party software works with Garuda. Pacman is the official Arch installer. To use any Arch based distribution you must be capable of merging pacnew files when required.

If you are not up to this, then perhaps you should use a distro where this type of system maintenance is not required. To use an Arch based distribution you must be willing to learn how to perform basic maintenance tasks.


Exactly! libalpm affects all package managers.

Now, please, tell me:
Should we help this user solve his broken system? :man_shrugging: :thinking:

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I would propose eliminating Pamac altogether. Of course, then you would need to have quite a few packages added to accomplish some of the setup scripts, and you would have to eliminate others.

You could have Yay or Paru or whatever installed, and the few commands necessary to search, install and update packages could be Pinned to the forum start page and in a startup dialogue.

Or you can go with Octopi, since Dragonized is the overwhelmingly favorite download on SourceForge, and spend some time decorating it for GTK environments.

Anything but Pamac which has never stopped having difficulties since it was first coded.


Yeah it’s been done we won’t ever ship pamac pre-installed again.

It’s now a choice in setup assistant along with octopi bauh discover gnome-software apper


I've just got used to looking up my installation history in Pamac and I will continue to do so. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In Octopi you can also filter them by installed, updated, and removed. Just today I roamed around it and it makes many things easy. Like, for newbies, enabling Multilib and all is just a click ahead!


I agree, its really handy. It does not have fancy graphics though :grimacing:


Ya, especially app icons do not show. The developer clearly said that it is not going to depend on AppStream :grimacing:

In this case, Discover is the best option to go, for KDE. Don't know about GNOME Software looks for GNOME edition.


Does anyone mind if I close up here?

It has become confusing and "problems" are mixed up.

pacman and grub are solved, so it's done.