Pacman is failing at start sometimes?

Update on the topic.
Yesterday I disabled the timer and everything seems fine.
Today I booted without that usual error.
When I launched an update there was only the following conflict:
ananicy-rules-git and ananicy are in conflict. Remove ananicy?
I thought it was nothing strange (ananicy-rules-git from a friend :slight_smile: , so I confirmed (Y), than I was proposed:

Packages (11) ananicy-2.2.1-1 [removal]  ananicy-cpp-1.0.0.rc2-1  ananicy-rules-git-2.2.1.r57.gad5b0f0-1
find-the-command-git-1.4.2.r2.g0fc7e85-2  flameshot-git-r1475.7199fd39-1
garuda-common-settings-2.1.2-1  garuda-icons-r30.bae0e8a-1  haveged-1.9.14-2
nlohmann-json-3.10.2-1  plymouth-git-0.9.5.r100.gdae1477-1  spdlog-1.9.2-1

find-the-command-git: by chance? Then again, I saw a firendly name as maintainer and last update tonight :slight_smile:
After installing and rebooting everything seems to work normal and that timer is still disabled and after reboot no errors again...

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Find-the-command was changed to not activate the timer anymore as that proved to be problematic. The solution we opted for instead, was including pacman -Fy in the update command instead, which reduces unnecessary database downloads and updates as needed only.
Ananicy-cpp is the new, improved ananicy which finally is ready to replace this application. Thanks to being rewritten in C++, its ressource usage is really low making it a perfect fit :slight_smile:



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