Packages not showing in Pamac

... over a day later, it's still not showing up in the software list?

Installed the package manually successfully though. Shows up in the Software Manager as "not in any repo".

Shows up here. I installed them both using paru.

╰─λ paru 432
1 aur/player432hz-appimage 2.0-1 [+1 ~0.98] [Installed]
Plays music in 432hz

╰─λ paru liminals
1 aur/powerliminalsplayer-appimage 2.0-1 [+0 ~0.00] [Installed]
Plays multiple audios simultaneously at varying speeds

I'm curious as to what are you referring to as "Software Manager" ?

Good day!

Indeed I can install via paru. Works fine.

Still doesn't show up in Garuda's "Add/Remove Software"

Hm, Garuda has nothing to do with pamac (Add/Remove Software).

Garuda use octopi instead.

IIRC, pamac know nothing about software you install with paru/yay.

If your app's in the AUR install it with pamac again.


well I've installed plenty of AUR packages (VapourSynth plugins among others) from Add/Remove Software ... so why it's not showing up there?


If I look at an AUR package I installed, vapoursynth-editor-git, it also says Repository: None

AUR package don't seem to be showing up in there anymore. In fact I'm pretty sure there was an AUR tab on the left that's not there anymore...

Something changed?

And you say you normally use octopi instead of Add/Remove Software? That thing is ugly...

Like everything in life, it is a matter of taste, not everything that is pretty has a good character.

What has changed in pamac, you have to ask the developer of pamac.

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OK not sure why Add/Remove Software changed, but found the "Use Paru tool" in Octopi and that shows and installs the app.

Do the 2 apps qualify for chaotic-aur?

Then I'll be publishing 2 more apps soon: 432hz Batch Converter and a YouTube downloader.

Qualifying always refers to the need.

If there is no need for effort, such as for Firefox, or the updates are limited, an installation via chaotic, for those who need this application, is not necessary.
But I I'm not the real ruler of the chaotic build, so, just wait and see if these apps meet the requirements.


actually it will have few updates and has no build nor dependency, totally self-contained -- making it a hassle-free AUR package. Written with .NET with Avalonia UI.

Please take a look at the submission instructions on the chaotic-aur packages repository and submit your package there. If you don't submit it, why would it be built?


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