Package request: mpv with vapoursynth enabled

I use SVP and love it. But it requires mpv with vapoursynth enabled. I usually install vapoursynth then download the mpv PKGBUILD from AUR then modify it to enable dvd and then compile it. Not particularly difficult.

But since I'm lazy I was wondering if it would be possible to add mpv with vapoursynth enabled in chaotic-aur repo. :smile:

P.S. Love the fact that stremio is there already in chaotic-aur.


mpv has been added to chaotic-aur. But I fail to see the point. mpv is already in Arch repo and chaotic-aur has no lua, vapoursynth or zimg support. So why add the package at all? Now I have to remove mpv, smplayer, then use AUR to install mpv and smplayer from Arch repo.

While I appreciate the idea, this did more harm than good. Only speaking for myself however. Others may have benefited.