Package for MS IE?

Hello Community!

Hopefully I am posting in the right category.
Fairly new to Garuda.

Does anyone have a link or a link to a manual that will help me install MS internet Explorer on Garuda?

I need IE for work, have been dual booting as a workaround for now, but I can't stand having to log into windows just to use IE for 2 minutes here and there.

I did get MS Edge installed and works fine, but no luck with IE.
Don' ask me why my employer is so archaic in still using IE as an interface for 1 online tool we use. It really doesn't make any sense.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, welcome to the community.

IE is ditched by microsoft itself, and it was pain in the neck for most web devs.

But I guess, you can still install internet explorer using wine.
Also, you can use virtual machine to get windows running for


They will most probably be outdated, if any, because since ms ditched internet explorer, extremely rare people will be using IE on Linux.


I can, a lil clunky with wine. Just need to find an ie_install.exe

Never used a VM, but what better time to start then now!

Thank you!

Ahh, it is simple. First install desirable vm from Setup Assistant. Then, download windows iso for vm. And then boot into it using particular guide for the vm, you just installed.

And I hope, you got the answer. I am marking it solved now.


IE6 will run in WINE. Don't ask me how I know... :eyes:


I'm hoping that copious amounts of drugs or alcohol were involved. :rofl:

Hopefully none of your close friends ever caught you involved in this fling.


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