Output of bashrc when typing source .bashrc

Let me introduce myself, Dian, a new user at Garuda Linux.
I had a problem when installing nvm. when I type command -v nvm it produces no output.
and when i type source .bashrc it returns the contents of the cript in bashrc which tries to check bash version.

please help me, thank you

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Please always remember to provide your garuda-inxi in new topics.
Anyway, I think your solution is here:

Also read carefully the GitHub page.
Especially the first important note.


Hello, welcome to the Garuda forums! :wave:
I translated the title as your post is in English and also isn’t in the languages section.
Feel free to revert the change if there’s a mistake or if you wish to keep the old title. However, remember that it will make this thread harder to find for others who have similar issues and are searching the forums.


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