Option to run installed garuda as a live user

yes you heard it right and i know it sounds crazy but it practically motivates newbies to arch to risk installing it and practice as the live user. i cant give idea to how you can integrate it in the ui but if i were to be new to arch i would spin a vm to practice.................live user option does exactly that(i am not talking of guest user........a live user but not with installation packages in calameres........useful for training and learning it)

Kind of like how the live installer environment can be used to test the OS without installing it?

Or a user without administrative rights can be used to run applications but without access to install new ones or change settings?


you are free to implement it :wink:


An (installed) kiosk machine.


And of course



If that's what OP means then I'm not quite sure what the point of that is.

If a user wants to test the OS without breaking anything, then boot and run the live installer environment.

If a user wants to run the OS without the ability to install software, then add a second (non-administrative) user account (or remove sudo rights, assuming there's a root account enabled).

I can't think of any use-case where a "new user" would download the distro, install it, and then just leave it alone forever.


ok i just realized i need to clarify....god u reply faster than i type.....okk jokes apart i mean if i am using ubuntu as my main os and i want to learn arch.....i most definately spin a vm to learn it(a common approach). lets say if i already knew that if i installed garuda as the main os and i want to learn it parallely and i also fear that arch breaks more than debian but the fix is in the long bible ---- the arch wiki but its tiring and i want to learn to use before i can troubleshoot. so after installing there should be an option to login as a live user(any changes made wont be saved!) that would kinda help me go for the install rather than a vm (thats what garuda reccomends-----destroying the point of running it in a vm! snapshots and a way to login as a live user)

actually no one can prevent you from distroying linux except yourself
if you have sudo or root access


i want a way to install garuda and have an option to login as -

  1. my account-----------for browsing or customizations
    2)guest -------------- just in case i am not willing to use my main account
    3)live user ----------- for privacy n experimentation----resets after reboot, a developer might make a appearance customization tool, but wont test it on its main machine, would login as a live user knowing nothing goes wrong if it does he wont care

and since the os is already installed calameres installer on it is senseless

There is Btrfs and snapshot, play, destroy, use last working snapshot, done.
No live user needed.

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you are also free to implement it :wink:

All said :slight_smile:

Firstly, you will rarely learn how to use another OS well if you keep your old standby installed and rely on it for daily use.

Secondly, with btrfs and a proper backup system there is zero need for all your extra options you desire.

I have my OS backed up to multiple SSD's which I rotate via using a hot-swap rack. I can destroy my system and have a backup running in the time it takes to reboot.

Learn how to do backups, the rest is wasted effort IMO.


So... two things that Garuda has implemented already? Snapshots to enable a rollback to a previous state (available in the GRUB boot menu) and a Guest user where changes are not saved (available at the login menu).

How about you use the distro for a while before deciding you want the developers to create a completely different distro just for you?