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Recently I've installed Garuda Linux, I wanted to give it a try. I haven't used it very long, but I'll give you my feedback so far. The amount of software's that come pre-installed is actually a lot. I've spent a lot of time removing a lot of them.

In the future can you create an option, when installing Garuda Linux, to choose between all the apps you provide by default and let the users have a bit more freedom. I know Barebones exists, but that's a lot of work and I need some of the default applications. What I don't need is Cheese, or Htop, Gkthas, and similar kind of apps. My feedback would have an advance option that lets you choose if you want these apps.

Optimus Manager isn't, by default, built for GNOME. It's also not working in Garuda Linux because I assume you are missing some of the requirements. In order Optimus Manager to work on Garuda Linux, you need a few programs. GDM-Prime I think was one of them. You can check GitHub to see what you need to run Optimus Manager on GNOME.

Most of my experience so far has been great, what I've noticed though is that the boot time is really long. Compared to Fedora, PopOS, Arch Linux, it's about 1.5 times longer then those Distro's.

I recommend that you check which softwares work on GNOME. A decent amount of the software's you use might work on KDE, but they don't work on GNOME. Besides these points, I think Garuda Linux is doing great. It's been very popular and it's only been a few months.

Yeah I know we are heavily focused on KDE edition.
And other editions are a bit less integrated.

Thanks for feedback we will see what can be improved and what isn't possible.


cheese is difficult to get rid of on Arch-based distros when you use gnome. It is a hard requirement of gnome-control-center


Cheese gets pulled by gnome-control-center as pointed out already and htop is widely used as system monitor. What exactly is Gkthas though? No sign of that in our packge lists.

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We should remove GNOME from the DE's as discussed before.

If pure GNOME still causes problems.

Text I like by @dalto

"Default applications are an endless no-win situation for distro developers.

No matter what applications are selected, there will always be a segment of the population who wants something different."

Never seen this application when I installed Arch Linux...but okay.

I mean if you can make some of these applications optional that would be better. Another would be FireDragon...or DragonFire can't remember the name exactly. It seems to be installed by default.

Unless you didn't have gnome-control-center installed, it was definitely there.


Alright, I probably might've not had it installed. I really didn't set up my Arch Linux properly to be honest.

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Thats our default browser, basically a privacy aware version of Firefox.


Funny, I don't recall Cheese not being a required dependency of gnome-control-center, not for a long time, not in Arch. I believe some distributions, like Fedora, may have it as an optional dependency, however.

You can always compile your own, special "Galactic" version of gnome-control-center eliminating Cheese as a required dependency. It's not that hard...will take a bit of time.

P.S. You can't get rid of Camera in Windows 10, either. Food for thought. :wink:


There is this AUR package though if you really want to get rid of it :smiley:


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LOL, you can tell how long since I last installed GNOME. :wink:

Thanks for the link, @dr460nf1r3 :slight_smile:


I would just prefer not having about 2-3 browsers pre-installed on my computer. I would prefer being given the option, or to install choose my own. I do like LibreWolf so far though.

Building upwards in the Barebones editions has been made very simple, and relatively fast by the post-installation scripts.


You are correct in all your comments. Also correct in what you would prefer. Anyone has a right of personal preference.

Can you answer one question?
How many times are you going to install Garuda, that makes a one-time removal limited task a real pain?

Sorry for implying the obvious. I am a really bad character. :imp:


Yes, we all know, it is rather obvious that you are of bad character @petsam. :rofl:


You're folks are in good company with a little...


Nice of Gnome to offer a dairy-free option


I don't believe this was out of the goodness of their heart. I believe they were threatened with a class action lawsuit by the lactose intolerant. :crazy_face: