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Hey, guys when I joined the arch community I was unable to decide which kernel is optimal for me, I do understand there are thousands of users with different setups but it would be really good if we could compile our preferences in one thread like which kernel and why do you prefer it over others. As there are tens of kernels available with their pros and cons and I would be highly honoured if the experienced members enlighten us on their choice of kernels.

Just pick whatever kernel you want and run it. Doesn't run well, maybe it's unique to your hardware. Everybody's on different machines and setups. Go with what works for yours. Topic is negligible.


I asked for what your preference was

"That one."

I use whatever kernel runs best, depending on what hardware I run Linux on. As kernels change so rapidly, your question if effing stupid. You will get a variety of replies, but there are too many variables for the answers to your question to have much, if any, value.

If you want to know what kernel iteration I am running right this minute prior to updating, I could tell you but it may very well change the minute I update one minute from now.


Alright cool. I guess i am stupid.

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No, I don't think so, you are willing and able to learn.
You are also willing and able to support the community around Garuda.
That is what makes a good community.


As much as I respect your boldness of opinion @c00ter, I think you are too quick to dismiss the question as stupid. Yes there are gonna be a million answers, but it can still be a fun discussion to have in the community, and may even help people discover things in the future. Besides, there are other considerations than what runs best on the hardware at this moment. For example, I have been using cacule for a while now with no urge to change (even though my performance tests were inconclusive regarding how it compares to the default zen) simply because I've grown to trust and appreciate @ptr1337, and I know I can stay up to date on its development right here in the forum.


You know what @zoeruda ? You're right. I jumped the gun and called it a stupid question--which I still believe it is--without first ensuring the OP wouldn't be insulted.

I did not call you stupid @regularCoder, and please don't take it that way! It's never correct to call a poster stupid. I could have stated that in my OP.

So ya'll have your discussion, and don't forget to update your post every time a kernel changes iteration.

I still think it's a dumb question. That's the beginning and ending of my discussion of this topic.


I think that this question is not dumb. The point is not to start a war over preferences but to look on the available options and choose what's right for you.
Currently, I use linux-tkg because I love frogs :frog: and I trust tkg with my gaming setup.
But I tried zen and cacule and can't say anything bad about them. I didn't make any benchmarks because I don't care enough.


I use the default kernel why because its supported by Garuda I did all this swapping when i was a new user many years ago , they never made a significant difference apart from in my head nough said


For me I would like the best performing kernel that isn't a battery drain. Like in terms of smooth and low latency. That's why I'm using Linux-Cacule as it seems to have lots of the best bits of other kernels and feels very responsive and smooth. Is there a better option for me? Maybe, not sure though. But I'm enjoying it more than Zen right now although I haven't tried the rdb build and other kernels like xanmod. But hey I'm happy where I'm at.

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I use the LTS kernel. It seems to be supported longer than the other kernels I tested.

But seriously, what information is actually gained from this topic?


Really, for me it has always been a case of:

  • When was the machine built?
  • When did I purchase it?
  • What architecture? (e.g. Skylake, Coffeelake, etc .)
  • When was the BIOS last updated?
  • Does it run the current kernel and load all services?
  • Does it run the LTS kernel and load all services?
  • Does it run the yada, yada kernel and load all services?

After that it's a combination of using ps_mem & systemd-analyze to test load times & RAM used.

I've had mixed experiences with mainline & LTS kernels when purchasing a new machine, and sometimes I've had to wait a week or two for all the (Arch) bits & pieces to catch up.

That is how I select the "optimal" kernel--whatever the eff that is. :wink:


Your last post is rather contradictory. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, heh, heh...just seeing if you'd catch that.

Yup, thassa my story...yup.

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