OPINION: Dr460nized theme update required

I installed a fresh of the last beta version of Dr460nized Gaming and just booted back into it to get.

KDE Plasma 5.57 is incompatible with Latte-Dock. A complete theme overhaul that tries to stay faithful to the original has been released and needs to be applied to keep your system working as intended. Backups of your old theme files will be created witrh the .bak extension. Click help to learn more.

I really like Garuda cause of a lot of the under-the-hood items you guys take care of that other distros don’t, but being told that something is incompatible when it is not is wrong. While yes latte is currently only receiving bug fixes it is completely compatible with Plasma through it’s 5.27.9 build. My point is that that dialog should not read that way when it is missinformation. It should read along the lines that Latte-Dock most likely will not work with future versions of the Plasma desktop and we offer the chance to revert to the default dock and panel system that came with Plasma and Garuda.

Except the problem being, then most users will pay zero attention to the warning. Then when the upcoming changes do break things, there will be a ton of help requests on the forum on “how do I fix this breakage”. Even worse will be the hit Garuda’s reputation takes when the Garuda haters post click bait on every platform in the known universe about how hopelessly broken and unreliable Garuda is. :confounded:


We can definitely adjust the warning msg, but

1- this would be way down our list of to-dos at the moment, cuz everyone has done the migration or seen that warning, cuz everyone should have done at least one garuda-update since Feb 2023
2- I would like to understand how you got this warning, cuz a “fresh” version of our ISOs don’t include Latte-Dock, so the warning does not show. I don’t understand how you got that.


Now I mean that in general, I think the OP knows his stuff and is probably really using the latest version.
The phrase “the latest version” always drives me nuts. Instead of writing the full ISO name, you can now guess what the latest version should be.

If you are testing and have created multiple ISOs in one day, it gets even more complicated :slight_smile: Then you still need the timestamp.


I honestly couldn’t tell you how I got that message since I’ve used this ISO before and tested Latte on it and did not get that message. That is why this time I found it odd. Now that said that came up after what I want to say is the 3rd reboot after installing Latte and after updating at least 2 times since installing Latte.

Sorry SGS yes the garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-230922.iso is what I installed from, and as of a few days when I checked it was still the latest. Now “Knowing My Stuff” that’s debatable. :crazy_face:


Ahh, this is not the latest

Yea I just got the notifications, Thanks.


It’s possible you found some kind of a loop hole in the process with all your steps which made the Garuda System Maintenance app recognize the criteria as a first boot after the dock migration. That sounds far fetched, you might say, but trust me, I’ve seen things like this many times in my career.

Without exactly reproducing what you did we will never know. On the other hand it doesn’t seem to be the issue here anyway and the thread is mark as solved. :smile:
But you got a point, that wording could be revised if ever we increase the priority on this item.

Tnx for pointing out!


You know, I think garuda is a community, not a product. I know that the size of the community somewhat justifies your work, but I don’t think it would matter much.
The people who read Garuda hatered blogs are the people that are the least likely to actually end up installing Garuda.

You see, I don’t even use many of the features Garuda provides. I just don’t feel comfortable setting up arch linux from scratch, with all the btrfs volumes and stuff. I consider Garuda a great starting point to build upon and it has a lot of configs that you can quickly spin up to test something.


I missed thsat the first time. Let’s try this a again. Most of us are in agreement that breakage will happen, BUT it’s STILL “if” the upcomping does break things NOT “Then when”.

As for the current warning it only takes you to a Wiki anyway AFTER it makes it sound like it’s going to make changes if you click yes. Even though the warning doesn’t do what it says it’s going to do that for now is actually a good thing.

Nope not here, I’ve seen WAY TOO much that shouldn’t be possible on computers but someone always manages to come up with something new just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

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