OpenVPN and TryHackMe

I was curious and i decided to go back into Offensive security after delving myself into web development so i needed to set up OpenVPN because i wanted to practice on TryHackMe and justWow, i know that Garuda Linux is pretty new but this is mighty impressive and kudos to everyone that made it possible for these packages to work, i was honestly worried but it is indeed right now working, Many thanks to the Garuda Linux Team.


can you give a little bit more infos

how can you test a system to be secure or not when you using openvpn

and what you wanna do with tryhackme and other
test your own system or penetrate others systems

i hope this is not your allday-working system

use a second system that can be go wrong

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You can check server security / website security and vpn is essential for some attacks to create random ip.
This helps to lower down risk of getting ip address blocked and most of pentesters use vpn.