Oops. Or How I learned to love Garuda

You know how you want to try a distro out, and then you somehow botch the install process badly enough that you can’t boot your existing distro? No?? Just me?

I heard about Garuda from a couple of different podcasts and figured I’d give it a try, and as I say, I screwed up the install process. I’m not sure what I did, or if it’s an EFI/Legacy/SecureBoot thing or what. It’s fine though, no data loss, just a bit more setup than I’d planned on doing that weekend. :joy:

It’s actually been great. I’ve been missing the rolling distros, having spent the last year on Fedora (see, no big loss on the old system) which was fine and all, but it was time for a change. Lots of what I think are great tools and options in Garuda, I really appreciate that a lot of work has obviously been put in to make Garuda look good, as well as being functional. So a whole-hearted “WELL DONE!!” to the Dev team, you’re doing some great work!

I’ve been hanging around here a bit checking things out, and I’m really enjoying the community.

Thanks all!


Happy accidents, and all that. :grin:


Welcome to Garuda.