Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

why I ended up here I do not know
I have never been interested in this category
but maybe some of the garuda team find it good to denounce
I just want to help but you do not understand that anyway

but that is silly

From a recently #40X post...

"Its was running smoothly... Then the lan connection for internet gone... And i cannot connect it... Both ethernet and wife..."

There are days I curse @jonathon's efficiency. :wink:


Yes, @jonathon is so efficient that I'm beginning to suspect he has been replaced by a bot. :rofl:


He should replace the connection, hopefully with a more stable one...


A bunch of roses would increase stability, maybe? It used to work here...


why edit my post i see it in my way does it correct

hallo warum correctest du was war da was irgendwie nicht passend


you can delete this after you read it

I didn't edit anything, I just merged two posts of yours.
If you have any thoughts on the topic and no one else has replied to your first post, you can edit the first one.
It's mainly about preventing a chat-like writing culture and unnecessarily inflating the forum.


sorry but it is a new post and you know yourself sometimes you must write and write the same answers every time it is hard work ^^

i'm not a bot and a also not wasted my time to "unnecessarily inflating the forum " i think

I use text modules. :slight_smile:

It's not about you, I change it on everyone when I see it.


ich red mal tacheles okay warum erzählt ihr leuten immer das selbe
verschiebt sie doch gleich in die section bekoppt
ich dachte in dem forum wird geholfen und wenn es 1000send mal geschrieben werden muss ihr könnt einfach nicht davon ausgehen das der newbie der gerade dazu gestoßen ist eure 1 jahres history an posts durchgeht um antworten zu finden ich selba suchte unter -fixxa nach dem befehl euch meine specs zu senden wurde abba selba nicht sofort fündig

in hochachtung euer nickschecka und möget ihr unwissenden mit respect begegnen und Liebe für Alle

You read the same thing over and over again, the beginner reads it for the first time and should be made to help himself. That has nothing to do with being crazy.

you won't find anything either.

If you don't like our rules, the way we run the forum, and you know everything better, you are free to leave this forum.
You are a guest here and have to behave as such.
I have no need to discuss this anymore.



If inxi could fix problems......


you say love it or leave it
be with us or against us
i'm a seperate individual human with fail
nobody is perfect but i don't like speakings like be with us and no correction or any fail just die or fu** off

and now i don't want to discuss anyway i just wanted to help if this is wrong just delete me i don't came back anymore

i leave you for a few days because i feelt very uncomfortable here and must overthink your STATEMENT

This thread is intended to be humorous. If you want to have tension and drama open a theatrics thread with an appropriate factor number. :rofl:


I have not written all this, but I am happy to comply with your request.

Why do you always become abusive when something doesn't suit you?


Are we dramatic or silly? I'm not quite sure right now.


I dont really understand either :man_shrugging:


Seriously, you seem to have a quite weird view on ethics. Just stop wasting your own time trying to fight "the evil" :beers:


For Great Justice!