Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

Did the camera flash use the one use flash bulb? I still remember those times. One thing about the old days that I definitely don't miss.


Backups are for wusses and people that plan for disaster. I'm kidding btw. Did a whole module on disaster recovery plans and shit :joy:

Pretty sure I needed one yesterday. Basically whenever I boot the damn laptop I did something stupid

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Reminds me of Forrest Gump. :wink:

""Stupid is as stupid does.""

So you had just a little happy accident, yes :smiley: ?


Yes... accident because I'm not stupid as you're insinuating :wink:

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Just thought I'd check in and say hello to everyone I haven't seen in a while.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Using fedora now?

On my one computer I wanted to try something a little different for a while. I've had Arch for years now and while I love it, I just wanted to give Fedora a spin for a little change of a pace. And I figured a couple months away from a release coming out, I'd see how their update process is/goes.


Well how is it so far? I’ve always found fedora interesting but never really used it as Garuda has things no other distro has. Although I do like the idea of how stable fedora can be while not having ancient packages. Have you looked into ultramarine Linux btw? It’s based off Fedora with some good defaults and more desktops and themes etc

I won't argue that one to much as I seriously doubt that. . . . BUT, so far Fedora is good. It was really nice to have printing and such just working in a very simple fashion. I had to mask a couple startup things because it was a little slow. But, it's been very simple. Setup was about 10 min or so, and otherwise it's just been dnf update, and install things as I go. Everything so far has just worked, I'm interested to see what/how hard it is when something doesn't end up working.

I got about 3k bookmarks (which my RAM cant handle) :rofl:

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Fedora is pretty stable but so lacking in essential things for my use, Nvidia can be hit and miss.
Printin let me down for the 1st time in a few years in this release,

I do find the latest Endeavourer release very snazzy so i now retract my comment of a year ago about just being a wallpaper .
You just nailed it flatpack kills it for me

I will never have Nvidia issues, but what else is it missing? So far everything I've looked for is in repos or flatpak.

Even steam and games work fine with my Xbox controller.

Completely random, but has anyone considered an Awesomewm spin? I don’t know how to make it but would be nice tbh if someone was planning on it haha

The problem with awesome is lua. It's just kind of obscure. I3 is very understandable. Qtile is written in python and there's tons of folks who know python. It's just not nearly as commonly used as the others, so unless you have folks who like it/use it, awesome gets kind of lost in other wm's.

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Just passing by to say hello.
I came back last yesterday after a while and, behold, 775 packages updated without trouble.
Though I guess I'll reinstall anyway just to make sure everything is how it's supposed to be.
And, well, sorry for the half-assed merge request I abandoned back then.

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Awesome is a great WM takes a bit to get your head around it mind you as the program language is different bit like JWM

Imagine there would be a program called patcher in AUR that tells which package is going to break the system and correct it in some versions, code and help to recompile the broken stuffs after Arch updates. If this is done then newbies surely can migrate to Arch linux without any hassels.

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Apperrently some still believe in magic crystal balls. :mage: :crystal_ball:

Telling the future is not very reliable. In Canada our weather service has been completely wrong 2 out of the last 3 days. They can't even get their predictions right 6 hours in advance.

How can you possibly expect a program is supposed to predict the possibility of a breakage when there are millions of permutations of hardware and software combinations in existence. This sounds like a job for the good old "Magic 8 Ball". :8ball:

Maybe it can predict this week's big lottery winners for me too?


My weather report is always correct, the secret is to look out the window and that's what you are going to get for the next 30 seconds. Sorry your weather services suck. :rofl: