Odd Network Manager Issue

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Hi Chaps, I am new to Garuda and Arch (Ubuntu/Mint basic user for a while before leaving Windows).

I am having a strange issue where by on my work network only I get
"Limited Connectivity - You appear to be connected to the network but not to the internet"

This is intermittent but cripples matters for at least an hour. The network is fine and my awful Windows work laptop and phone continue fine. My IT chap here is MS all the way and says I am on my own.

Any advice welcome (and please be gentle - I am new to Arch and not a techie. Many thanks in advance.



and post

inxi -Fza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.



Many thanks... reading now. Much appreciated

Hi there, welcome to the community.

Try different kernels, especially Linux-lts.
Edit :
And don't forget to post

inxi -Faz

as text.

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Thanks Naman. I'll look into that.

We will definitely need your inxi output to give more in depth suggestions.

Download and test an LXQT-Kwin Garuda live disk at home. Become familiar with how to connect and use Connman at home. Then try it at work and see if you can connect properly using Connman instead of Network Manager.

I would also suggest disabling MAC Address randomization as this could be interfering with your ability to make a proper connection.

Welcome to Garuda.


Is this a real problem with the connectivity, or it is only the message?
There was an old KDE bug like this, which was only cosmetic.
Anyway, post more info as requested.


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