Nvidia problem Optimus

ok it wasnt a new install :grinning:
You can try uninstalling nvidia optimus and render offload and reinstall with auto install propriety drivers and check for errors.
But as fast boot and secure boot seem to create many other errors it is easier sometimes to save yr home folder and reinstall


No sorry ive had this o.s a few months now i should have said .I only just started having problems when i went to update the driver i clicked on optimus in the top of the screen .OK all good ill try what you have suggested .
I just searched NVIDIA optimus in the add and remove programs and its not there .Prime 104 is not installed .i just checked the render offload.
I might be confusing you its not Nvidia optimus its optimus manager to switch between cards .
Hmmm found optimus manager now and seems stupid me had it installed for optimus laptops .mines not an optimus lapto.ive now removed that package .now im installing the optimus mamager to switch between gpus


Oh ok in that case remove optimus manager then auto install propriety drivers as decribed above


Fantastic thanks trying that .

Using config 'video-optimus-manager' for device: 0000:01:00.0 (0300:10de:1f95) Display controller nVidia Corporation TU117M [GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Mobile]

Using config 'video-optimus-manager' for device: 0000:05:00.0 (0300:1002:1636) Display controller ATI Technologies Inc Renoir

Error: config 'video-optimus-manager' conflicts with config(s): video-chaotic-nvidia-tkg-prime-render-offload

Done ...

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If this was working ok before the update role back to a good working snapshot if that is possible,
or try Cannot install video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-dkms-prime-render-offloading

╰─λ sudo pacman -S archlinux-appstream-data dkms-appstream-data-20201128-1 dkms-2.8.3-1
gc-8.0.4-4 guile-2.2.6-2 libxnvctrl-455.45.01-1 make-4.3-3 patch-2.7.6-8 texinfo-6.7-3 l
ib32-nvidia-utils-455.45.01-1 lib32-opencl-nvidia-455.45.01-1 nvidia-dkms-455.45.01-1 nv
idia-settings-455.45.01-1 opencl-nvidia
[sudo] password for rob:
error: target not found: dkms-appstream-data-20201128-1
error: target not found: dkms-2.8.3-1
error: target not found: gc-8.0.4-4
error: target not found: guile-2.2.6-2
error: target not found: libxnvctrl-455.45.01-1
error: target not found: make-4.3-3
error: target not found: patch-2.7.6-8
error: target not found: texinfo-6.7-3
error: target not found: lib32-nvidia-utils-455.45.01-1
error: target not found: lib32-opencl-nvidia-455.45.01-1
error: target not found: nvidia-dkms-455.45.01-1
error: target not found: nvidia-settings-455.45.01-1
╭─rob at rob-tufgamingfa506iifx506ii in ⌁
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Its fine thanks for your help and great informative advice .i will save my home folder and reinstall. Have a great day


I would check with the live usb first to see if gpu switching works


What's this here?

EDIT: Should not your paleofetch match your inxi output? It's not at all what you should expect. Have you updated the kernel but not rebooted?

Why do you have a kernel mismatch? Perhaps more research is needed?


Thanks for your reply i always reboot after an update i haven't changed the kerne; ....what should it be can you explain please

Gee, I guess maybe Google might have some answers about a kernel mismatch?

CLEAR AS MUD ..... It means that a function that is in a section with a given lifetime references something that is in a section with a different lifetime.

When the kernel binary is linked, different parts of the code and data are split up into different sections. Some of these sections are kept loaded all the time, but some others are removed once they are no longer needed (things that are only required during boot for example can be freed once boot is done - this saves memory).

Thanks for all your help i do appreciate it .I am a disabled person i have 1 eye and it is very annoying when i have to look and research for problems.I ask for help here because i understand it to be a help forum .It is unfortunate that some members think im to lazy to research .

I've read a number of your posts and it appears you always come off as a precious snowflake who must have all the answers to his problems given to him, rather than doing even a scintilla of reading, learning, and practicing yourself.

Rather than answering my questions that your research could answer--therebye finding a possible solution(s) yourself, you'd rather insult someone who has spent 20+ years trying to learn Linux myself.

If I read you right, you want me to research answers to this dilemma , along with your other help requests, and then provide you with the results of my research?


May i just let you know cooter that your attitude is not for noobs and best to comment with experts and leave simple answers to other members that dont mind helping people that .Have a disability .

You think you are the only disabled person on this forum, you self-entitled twit?

Even your insults sound like begging. Geeze.

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It seems North and South hemisphere temperatures cannot align well these days.
The issue is solved, so let's let time improve people's connections... :beach_umbrella: