NVIDIA MSHybrid/Optimus causing installer to freeze seconds after boot

I'm doing an install of gnome right now. I had booted into the installer and seconds after booting the installer, it froze and I couldn't provide any input via keyboard or touchpad. After several reboots, I switched (In BIOS) from mshybrid to discrete mode of my rtx 2070 and the issue was resolved.

This is odd since this is not the first time I've install Garuda Gnome with MSHybrid/Optimus mode enabled. It baffles me. I'm going to complete this install and boot into it using discrete mode (Optimus mode isn't all that important to me) but if it interests anyone, I'm willing to boot back into the installer later to see if it can be figured out why.

specs (Will destroy after first read. Will repost if requested): PrivateBin