NVIDIA made my family say "see, your Linux sucks"

When booted from Garuda live USB, having the myth "proprietary is always better" I booted with NVIDIA. My family with me were about to watch a movie on TV screen, but HDMI didn't connect at all. As they were waiting, they just said "see, your Linux sucks". :tired_face:

Luckily I remembered that on the same live USB I've casted via HDMI before, so rebooted, here selected boot with open source, and then everything worked properly.


I also have NVIDIA.
Fortunately, still completely symptom-free. Hopefully it will stay that way.
Do you already know anything about the incubation period?

Not in this context. Just now DDG showed me results related to Corona Virus :roll_eyes:

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yea Im super bummed about this. I really like both their Wayfire and lxqt versions but Im having major issues with both stemming from nvidia graphics. i have to use the propietary drivers. so until they can figure it out, I wont be able to switch over :frowning:

Actually to clarify, it's not Linux that sucks, it's the hardware you bought;)
I really do wish Nvidia would do the right thing and open up.


Mostly nvidia isnt that bad anymore. i never owned a laptop with nvidia graphics (m1), but on my desktop i faced to mostly no problems

performance is also mostly really good, also overclocked a little bit.
and i have to say all in all i like the nvidia possibilities more then on windows.

only thing which sucks is dkms - i can only heavily use kernels which are with llvm compiled.

maybe prime is still a problem, the rest is configuration (?!)

running asus 1070ti


I know that. What they thought was that Windows wasn't giving any problems. But even I don't know why the hell booting with NVIDIA did't connect to HDMI. As I finally started the movie with open source, all was good.

And also one more improvement: Even they are also fed up with Windows due to unknown updates all the time and slow startup and all. I even made them using Linux (Mint) and they're quite getting comfortable with it. Also they're happy with the performance. But they're still not yet to trust it to use it as daily driver. Now they ask me everytime "how to do this". I'm trying make them more comfortable with Linux than Windows.

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You sir, are doing the work there. I wish my family was the even a little bit interested in learning that there's an alternative to the misery.


O goshi my tamagotchi ... so far Garuda has done pretty much everything with my graphics.

I'll complain later. :slightly_smiling_face:

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