Nvidia Drivers

Currently I'm using the Garuda Linux KDE Barebones. I installed Optimus-Manager and switched to Nvidia GPU instead of using integrated. I tried to run Minecraft, but then it gives me an error. Later I realized that there is no Nvidia driver.

This wasn't installed by default, I had to install it. Why isn't this installed by default? Could you update your Garuda Linux Barebones and install it by default?

Also besides this question, can you guys link me the source code for Garuda Linux?

I think you will find barebones means Barebones and is unsupported by the Garuda team


I know that, but the Barebones should at least have this default driver.

Because it is barebones (vanilla), un-bloated Garuda KDE.

No, because it is barebones :slight_smile:


Perhaps to put it more clearly, not everyone has a graphics card from this company.
So it's bloat for the others.


git clone GitHub - Frogging-Family/nvidia-all: Nvidia driver latest to 396 series AIO installer
cd nvidia-all
makepkg -si

It was automatically installed for me ! on KDE barebones edition , but nano was not installed :upside_down_face:

micro is the new nano :smiley:

Since the heading has been changed and this leads to off topic posts, I'll close here. :slight_smile: