Nvidia dkms cant boot / stuck on no irq handler for vector

Hey guys

i came backe from vacation on sunday and updated my system. after rebooting it wouldnt boot (i saw "irq-handler" warning and then nothing happend ... it just stood there). so after trying to boot up an old snapshot and after restoring it and getting grub loading errors i just reinstalled the system. I installed multiple versions (no dualboot, just versions i tried out) Dragonized, Dragonized Gaming, XFCE and every distro wouldn't boot the nvidia driver version. I figured out that everytime i install nvidia dkms it would run again into freezing after irq-handler.

ive got a ryzen 3700x and a nvidia 1080ti

i cant do anything when its freezing in the irqhandlerscreen, no ctrl+ alt + f2 or something like that. when i reboot with ctrl+alt+del it takes up to a minute before rebooting.

so i boot and install the "normal" version (dragonized gaming) without nvidiadrivers (it always stucks there on keyring [finished]) and install the driver throughout the assistant - hardware and i get the following output

/var/lib/mhwd/db/pci/graphic_drivers/nvidia-dkms/MHWDCONFIG: line 38: mkinitcpio: command not found
> Successfully installed video-nvidia-dkms

kernel is:
uname -r


also everytime i use "update" it rewrites my mirrorlist with 2 servers which brings error 403 so i edit them with sudo nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and comment both out and add the german mirrors which i get from reflector

i cant get into the system to do "garuda inxi"

what can i do? (i also tried to install some drivers with a TKG github package and every driver failed to install with it)

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Have you tried removing splash from the kernel boot parameters?
There are several recent topics about it.
It's not necessarily your same issue. You have a different error message shown. But you never can say...


ok after pressing e in the bootmenu and deleting "splash" it just booted fine and nvidia drivers worked, thanks a lot :slight_smile: (maybe i did not needed to reinstall my old system ... but now its fresh at least x))

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