Nvfbc obs workaround

Hi, new to Garuda mostly familiar with Ubuntu. On Ubuntu we could use nvidia FBC by patching the driver then installing the OBS plug-in. I managed to get the patch done as I had all the files required but the second part requires the following commands:

sudo apt install libgl-dev libobs-dev libsimde-dev messon ninja-build

I already know that apt install doesn’t work with arch/Garuda and that it’s pacman -S, but even switching out the command gives me an error:target not found, now here’s where my knowledge fades off hard. I did a lot of googling and even searched through the forum here, but couldn’t find anything on either a replacement or equivalent, and my assumption is that I don’t have the repositories necessary to complete the command but I’m unsure. Not sure if this workaround is at all possible with Garuda as I tried to add a repository with no success.

Forgot to mention I’m using Garuda Dr460nized gaming edition, and I couldn’t copy exactly what the terminal spit out as I don’t have access to my pc right now. Will reply tomorrow with the actual konsole readouts



Ok I I cloned the link and built the repository but how do I build the so file? The same way with the libgl commands?

paru -S obs-nvfc

this will install it

also please read about what is aur and how it works with arch


Ok thank you that worked. And I will get on the reading sorry about that lol

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