Not receiving validation email for my .rocks domain

hi Gardua Team,

I tried many times to register to this forum with my main email ending with .rocks domain extension, after many fails I registered with my gmail :frowning: .

I've checked my spam folder and whitelisted "noreply @" with my .rocks email provider, nothing wrong here.

I guess it might be on your side.

As my 2021 objective is to get rid of my gmail account and Google in general, it would be a pain just to keep it alive to connect to this forum.

By the way just installed Garuda Dragonized Game Edition... what a total blast :wink:


You got PM :slight_smile:

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Hi there, welcome to the forums.

I am not sure, but I think there must be something wrong with your email provider or whatever they are called.

Because I didn't recieve mail with zoho mail. But round cube is working fine.

Tell us your email service provider.


Hi Naman,
I'm actually checking with my email provider if the problem is on their side, they are investigating the case.

Problem has not been solved but topic can be closed.

Problem is on my email provider side and they wont resolve it!