Not booting after modifying partitions

Hey so I have a big problem now. My laptop shows the loading white bar and it fills up but then it stays stuck there and doesn't boot into the OS or anything. This was after playing around with partitions where I deleted the Linux swap file and resized the btrfs partition and then undid it and some other little things here and there. Restoring a snapshot also does not fix the problem. Please help I don't know what to do as I can't boot into it to fix it it seems.

Partition editing is dangerous for your data. Most software even comes with a big warning, for example GParted shows this:


You have managed to do something to lose your data when you were


The most straightforward option would be to reinstall Garuda then restore the backup of your important data, then chalk it up to experience.


Hey, thanks for the answer. How would you recommend being able to backup? Or you're saying timeshift backup? If so, how would you retrieve this backup? I could reinstall Garuda and restore a timeshift backup maybe?

Unfortunately not. :man_shrugging:


To recover from this mess you would have needed to have backed up your partition tables before your unfortunate revisions took place. Almost no one ever makes partition table backups before editing their partition scheme.

After the fact it's kind of hard to unscramble scrambled eggs.

There is the possibility you could use testdisk to recover your partition tables, but that is out of the scope of our forum. Read the testdisk documentation if you feel like attempting the data recovery.


Did you correct your fstab after deleting the swap ???
May be just booting with a live CD, mount the disk and modify your fstab (comment the line of the swap file). It could work.

You haven't given to much detail on the modifs you made. Just my 0,02$



That pooch is gonna remain screwed. Maybe, just maybe, something like Testdisk can help recover some of your data (your OS is screwed), maybe not.

I'm betting on "not."

Haven't we warned you about doing dumb shit before?

Help Vampires deserve no pity.

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I would recommend booting off the live CD and checking if you can mount your btrfs partition. If you can access the partition you can recover your data and maybe repair the boot.


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