Not authorized to change network settings

I am trying to make my pc into a hotspot to share my connection with others through my wifi card.

it says that i dont have authorization to change network settings.

What says this? Network Manager?

Can you post the exact message preferably in text rather than a picture, but if it is only in a popup message then a pic will be OK as long as it’s readable.

Are you sure your wifi adapter supports AP mode because not all do.

Please post:

inxi -Fxxxza

… and welcome to the forum BTW.


Something is going on here because I have started having this problem too out of the blue, and not when I am "trying to make the pc into a hotspot" but anytime I try to make a change in network settings to select a new wireless access point. It is the "networks" icon on the KDE panel. I have five or six Garuda installations. Most are fine but one started doing what the poster asked and I can't figure it out either. I have to go into the kde systemsettings network connection screen to change wifi hotspots. Won't let me disconnect or change from the normal panel popup screen and gives that "no authorization" message - and I have no idea how to start diagnosing.

So far logout and login is the only thing that works

Sonething isnt starting properly

And its a random thing

Most of the time its working absolutely fine but simetimes its not


@librewish I haven't used Connman in a a while. Does Connman provide adequate support for hotspots?

If so, it might be worthwhile testing Connman rather than Network Manager.

Also, regarding NM usage, if it's not already installed try using nm-connection-editor to configure your AP's. Sometimes it has better luck configuring these kind of things.

If you guys get this figured out I hope you'll post here in this thread even if it's weeks or months down the road. Unfortunately of my six or seven machines all of which work fine but one, the one that is doing this is my main daily driver, so if I fix is identified I would like to know. Thanks guys!