Not allowing discussions to go on on Garuda Community

Respectfully, I do not like that some administrator decided to close a discussion just because people was not agreeing.

Specially when this discussion was taking place in the "Garuda Community" section of the Forum.

If things go round in circles, I am entitled to close discussions in my forum when I want to.
You may not like that personally.

You have been told several times that you have misunderstood something.

We try to help here in the forum, but endless discussions about personal feelings do not get us anywhere.

Therefore, I ask you to leave it at that.

Thank you.


Generally, discussions may be closed by a moderator if things are getting heated or if the discussion is deemed to have run its course and has become unproductive.

Some may view this as censorship, but it really comes down to each forums style of moderation. We tend to be more restrictive than some other forums, but we also have no flame wars here for that simple reason. It is all a banancing act when it comes to moderation.

Too strict and some complain about censorship, to lax and then the complaint is the forum is totally unruly.




Isn't that more due to only have a single Fire Dragon and everyone being afraid of upsetting it? :smirk:


Hey, I know that I have personally offended you, and for that I apologize. I meant it as a blanket statement, not a personal attack. I have learned not to attack people. Ideas are fair game, however, especially in a discussion thread.

I may not agree with you (or someone else), but I will not personally insult you. Please forgive me if that is not how you viewed it.


You're getting too nice in your age. I LOVE offending people.

If you ever need help and don't want to be the badguy - message me. I love that stuff, it'll make my whole day.


dammit there was a fite and i missed it...


Please move on, there is nothing to see here.

Have unfortunately the clip, policeman in the port with megaphones, which yells at 20 cm distance, an old pensioner couple, move on nothing .... not found in a hurry.


This one? I've have it bookmarked for years.


Nearly :wink:

I think also, naked gun II -III?.

But police academies is good too :slight_smile:


I personally don't see the value of threads like this, it is just have a political tone. I'm not here to see political-sounding threads, I am already sick and tired of that.

The bottom line is the principle of "their forums, their rules". End of the story.


While this is true, I still expect people to raise issues, for example where rules are inconsistently applied, or where things "don't seem right".

The position of "if you don't like it, leave" is not how this forum should operate - but equally, if you want change then you have to provide a concrete argument (there are plenty of woolly wishlists out there...).


It is okay. Apology accepted. I also apologize to you because I could have been less stubborn in not wanting to understand that you did not mean it as an insult. Please forgive me.


You are right. I have learned my lesson. From now on I will use this Forum only if I need help, and I will abstain from making any suggestion or sharing any opinion. No big deal.

I haven't seen the offending thread yet, but to see anyone say that about about our community off-topic section makes me sad. I hope you will rethink this later after your emotions dissipate some.

I know my emotions need to dissipate after my threads get shut down before I can see clearly, and I usually then see that my emotions were clouding my thinking.


No, please do!

We love having hearty discussions in discussion threads. Help threads, not so much (unless it concerns a 'fix'). But be of light heart if you can. Also, if making a suggestion, please search the forum for similar threads first, if you don't mind.

But please remember, as @SGS said, we have users from around the globe, and translation software is just that--software. Many of our users also speak English but aren't native to it. And some of us, like @mandog, are just looking for a tussle. He means well, but wordliness (new word!) isn't quite his forte.

And if you have strong opinions don't be afraid to state them. None of us are experts in all things Linux (or anything else), and all of us can stand to learn a thing or two (lookin' at you, @mandog).

my best regards

P.S. And if any of those asshats tell you we aren't friendly, tell 'em to go to hell--but in a friendly way.


Not a chance that's a new word. Unless you're the OBS Streamlabs CEO who's claimed the right to claim everyone else's work as his own. :crazy_face:


@Chrispynut You must watch distrotube. BTW, are you @Peanut with a new name? I see that you are now that I try to tag @Peanut. I guess that's okay as long as it still shows you're a nut. :wink:

I do, but that's been mentioned on a few channels & sites that I frequent.
I am "Peanut" in MANY places, though this is the only account I've had on here and I've not changed info. Maybe you've encountered one of the many imposters that exist (who've forced me to adopt different names on various platforms over the decades)?