Not all addons icon showing in overflow menu

i am coming from brave browser to firedragon and when i installed all my addons not all the icons showing in the overflow menu only half is there. a bug or a limit ed icon number?

It's just a completely different browser is all, so some of the nuances you are accustomed to be will be different. Spend some time playing around with it and you'll likely be able to get it set up just how you like.

The overflow menu you mentioned, for example, is heavily customizable--right click on it and select "customize toolbar":


tnx for the answer but i dont finding the other addons icons in the overflow menu i have one more addond that dont showing most of them are showing

If there is no icon for the addon in the whole toolbar menu, I would double-check that the addon has been successfully installed.

its was installed but i found a web page that doing the same thing so i remove it