Not able to use bluetooth headset's Microphone

I am having some problem with my Bluetooth headset's audio profiles. In Pulse Audio Controller i am only able to use A2DP sync but the HSP/HFP profile is showing unavailable....Pls help....:frowning:

Did you search in forum?
There are some solution for bluetooth,

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Yep tried but nothing related to this issue

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I have this issue as well and can't seem to find any fixes among the forums.
@Karan correct me if i'm wrong, but the headset works to hear things but the microphone isn't picked up.
For me, when I try to switch the recording device to "Headset microphone", under System settings -> Hardware -> Audio, I just get static. It doesn't pick anything up.

@Karan what have you tried? and I think my profile is saying unknown.

Mods, let me know if I should make a new post.

Each system is different and this topic may not give you a solution.
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