Nodejs-lts-fermium and nodejs-lts-galium in conflict

i recently installed Stremio and it uses use nodejs-lts-galium as a dependency however i also want to install visual studio code and it requries nodejs-lts-fermium as a dependancy which conflicts with the galium one hence it throws a error. i dont wanna uninstall anyine and wanna install both on my machine

when installing vs studio code on my machine which already has stremio, this the output.....

looking for conflicting packages...
:: nodejs-lts-fermium and nodejs-lts-gallium are in conflict (nodejs). Remove nodejs-lts-gallium? [y/N] y
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing nodejs-lts-gallium breaks dependency 'nodejs-lts-gallium' required by stremio
==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies.

m using endevouros

Can you provide your


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i dont have garuda

I'm curious, what did you make signing up to the Garuda forum in the first place?
This is is a dependency conflict, its either one or another in this case.


yea dumb move on my part i was just scanning the web for my issue and found a similar one here but not really my problem so without noticing what site m on i made an account and posted my question.

anyways getting to the problem that basically means that i do have to select between the 2 softwares and there i no way i cant install them both together right? that sucks

yes it was was a dumb move just format
and install the best


Try uninstalling both packages and dependencies with -Rns, then bring your system fully up to date and install them both together afterward.

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