No video after sddm login when 2nd GPU is connected

As title says when i plug in a 2nd gpu (1650) i get no video after sddm login screen, the os is running since i can still hear sounds when plugging and unplugging devices. I already tried every port in each graphics card and still no video. This is on kde plasma 6 wayland and nvidia 555 drivers. I used to run this exact config on fedora 39 (on nvidia 535 drivers) with no troubles, used the second gpu for vfio pass-through for a windows vm.

Do you connect via DVI?

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Unfortunately, you did not include the required garuda-inxi terminal output on your opening post. Without posting your system specs via garuda-inxi, you are unlikely to receive much assistance on our forum. This information is essential if you wish to make headway with your issue.


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