"No support for Flatpak" means...?

I’m looking for a new OS for my laptop and trying to find out if Garuda is a good match for me. Studying the homepage, among a lot of very promising features, I found the remark that Flatpaks should be considered unsupported.
My question is: what exactly does this mean?
Specifically, if I post an issue with Flatpak here will the topic get deleted?
Or simply ignored?

Side note, I have to say I’m very surprised about this stance, since I’ve so far heard almost only good things, and for some distros, Flatpak is even the default way of installing apps, most make it easy, and this is the first one I’ve come across saying they plain don’t support it…

This is the Garuda Linux Forum.
This forum is not a general technical support forum.

You can post it, it will not be deleted.
If no one on the forum knows about it, there will be no answers.

Besides the AUR, there is the Chaotic AUR supported by Garuda, which saves time and money because you can easily install it via pacman. Almost everything is there and you don’t need flatpaks that bloat the system.

You are the admin, do what you like with your system.

Garuda Linux is a rolling release, you always got the latest/newest software.


Flatpaks have a history of being problematic. You should feel free to install them and use them, but if you run into issues you may get better support from the Flatpak community than the Garuda Linux community.


Your mileage may vary. I’ve been using fedora pretty consistently for about a year now and use lots of flatpaks with little to no issue.

I also don’t have the AUR, so I’d probably still use that primarily and flatpak after. But, it is a very solid stable and mostly trouble free way to get software.

Most things in Linux are pretty good these days, it’s not like 10+ years ago.


Issues arising from a Flatpak should be taken up with the Flatpak creator just like any other software. As for a Flatpak only OS simply no cause it’s bloated then.


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