No Sound in Garuda

i have installed Garuda Linux in Lenovo G50 but there is no sound output... kindly help


pulseaudio -k
pulseaudio -D

check if Sound is muted


actually it turned out to be the audio jack the is connected to the motherboard (the speaker power cable) was disconnected god knows how... the problem is fixed

the same thing happened to me; however, my laptop (x360 15 inch) is very finnicky with sound and requires the sof-firmware. don't know why, but i could not make sound work after removing pulseaudio even if i reinstalled it.

i bit the bullet, reinstalled the os, removed the alternative to pulseaudio (i.e. kept pulseaudio instead of the other one), and now everything works.

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It happens again, each time i start my PC the sound is gone. Any solution?

Please do not necrobump old threads that have already been solved. Please open your own help request and provide the output of inxi -Faz if you desire assistance.