No language button on Sweet login screen

I am on Garuda Dragonized.
The SDDM is the default Sweet login screen.
I am using 2 input languages and there is a bug that the screen does not show the active input language, so very often I am entering my login password (after lock) on non-english language.
On GitHub there is an issue and a PR - Fix KeyboardLayoutButton in LockScreen by Apxdono · Pull Request #152 · EliverLara/Sweet · GitHub.
However the author is not responding and that PR seems to be waiting since May.
I have applied the PR changes locally, but after "update" these are restored.
Is there a way to have this fixed? Is Garuda forking the offical project or just using the original one?


EliverLara Xfce: Improve thunar 4.16 appearance

Latest commit 2392b52 on Jul 27

Seems alive.


Maybe you can write a script or hook for this.

Remember, please, developer also have a life next working for free for the community.

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OK, can you point me to some example or instructions about these hooks?

BTW, he noticed my comment yesterday and merged the PR. After I updated Garuda, this is all fixed :slight_smile:

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