No audio over HDMI on installed version of Garuda Linux

Hey guys,
I have this problem. Whenever I boot Garuda Linux via live USB either with open source or proprietary drivers, HDMI sound input is recognized and works well, but if I install Garuda linux with proprietary drivers, hdmi output isn't recognized, and restarting the daemon doesn't help. Installing with open source drivers helps, but then I don't get the performance I want from my GPU. I spent the whole day trying to make this work and I really don't want to give up. I had this problem in Manjaro, but there restarting the pulseaudio daemon used to help. What should I do?
My laptop is Lenovo legion y530 with GeForce GTX 1050 and Intel i5 8300H.

I don't know that this would help, but perhaps you could convert to using pipewire. It's the future and it might work (or might not).

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Try to use pavucontrol/Pulse audio volume control.

It doesn't help, I don't see HDMI audio. I'm starting to think that there might be a problem with boot codes, because in the live OS everything works.

Well identify the kernel used in the live boot and duplicate it.

i changed my audio from pulseaudio to pipewire
only use software add/delete and add pipewire , pipewire-alsa , pipewire-pulse (but i think it you don't have to do maybe )
installing pavucontrol will help and changed from stereoaudio in configuration
to digital stereo (hdmi)-output or
analog stereo-output

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sure :wink:

Focus man, not everyone will know what you mean by that. :slight_smile:

Please edit your post.

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