Nitrogen won't show any window

I recently installed nitrogen for easily managing wallpapers in /usr/share/wallpapers and /usr/share/backgrounds. However, when adding the wallpapers folder it froze, so I did a 'killall nitrogen' in terminal. Now it won't start anymore, actually the process will show up in system monitor, but it won't show any windows. I did a sudo pacman -Rns nitrogen and sudo pacman -S nitrogen multiple times to no avail. I also rebooted multiple times. Does anyone know what to do, to fix this?
I'm using te Gnome edtion of Garuda.

What output do you get if you run it from a terminal?

Might also be worth clearing any of its settings/cache to see if that will let it start up again - perhaps it is choking on a corrupt wallpaper file?


Did you read


Thank you :slight_smile: apparently something went wrong with the config file. I fixed it by entering:

rm -r ~/.config/nitrogen/

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