Night Colors, on - off?

How do I get the night vision filter off?


Arggggggh, deepin

KDE, cklick on th "Lamp" on top right bar.


If you’re referring to Night Color I’m afraid it’s not just a Deepin issue on this one. Night Color is incorporated into the system settings now instead of being a standalone app as it use to be. After doing the fresh install of Garuda I hunted and hunted for it in the software manager so as to remove it with no luck in finding it, till I ran across it in system settings. Just launch System Settings and start typing night color.

You can remove redshift from autostart

So nightcolor will be off


I can’t speak to others install but I noticed that just disabling it under “Configure System Tray” didn’t work. I’m assuming it’s a KDE bug.

I tried yesterday and it work, open my hidden part in post two.


Need to remember that there has been a update to Plasma from 5.19.4 to 5.19.5 after I tried it and before you tried it.



After last upgrade today

it still works.

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@SGS I’m referring to the below. When I disabled from there it still showed up in the systray. I had to go into system settings to disable it.