Newbie lost in matrix and problem with youtube-dl

I'm more and more confused with every Linux guide and I don't know what to google. Are there reliable guides/wikis for other distros that works for Garuda? I don't want bother people with basic questions

When I try to use youtube-dl, I keep getting this:

youtube-dl may be found in the following packages:
   community/youtube-dl 2021.01.03-1     /usr/bin/youtube-dl

I installed repositories (pre-built keyring and mirrorlist) and got:
fish: File '/etc/pacman.conf' not aviable for this user (I'm using Polish version, so tranlation of last part might be wrong)
This might be something basic, but I keep googling and nothing comes up

Since we are based on Arch, the glorious Arch wiki can be used to gain knowledge. You probably wont find anything thats even close to how much information this wiki has. In case of installing packages, you would like to take a look at the pacman wiki article: pacman - ArchWiki

Why would you do that? Everything thats needed is preinstalled already (Chaotic-AUR)
Also, as you can see in the message

this particular package resides in community, which is an Arch repo. The package name is right after the repository. Now have a look at the pacman wiki page and get it installed :wink:


Works like a charm, many thanks


I Hereby Proclaim you Newcomer Of The Day, along with all of the Rights and Privileges that Award entails (not suitable for framing).

Welcome to Garuda Linux. :slight_smile:


Hey, whoa... wait a minute there bucko. You can't just go handing those awards out willy nilly.

I thought we'd agreed by an unanimous executive commitee decision that all coveted Garuda awards had to go through an extensive vetting procedure.

I'm quoting from the oficcial Dec 2020 monthly executive commitee meeting minutes:

All top candidates for any prestigious Garuda award shall be chosen by an elimination round robin competition to the death with the Bat'leth weapon in the Star Trek Online: Legacy Competition.

Let the games begin.


Oh yes I can--it's my award, big guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, any newcomer this lost, but who does not want to be spoon-fed the solution, and instead demonstrates a willingness to follow written instructions is to be highly commended! :smiley:

They don't just fall off of trees, as you know. :wink:

Anyway, we don't have a 'Not A Help Vampire' award that I could find rummaging aound in the back cupboard.


Any awards for worst newcomer :wink:

That's usually more of a cumulative award.

If too many of a users posts are sent to the penalty box/400 section/garbage heap they are usually awarded a vacation from the forum. Some also refer to that award as a suspension. :wink: