Newbie install sudoers file problem

New to Linux (4 months). Been Distro hopping, settled on Arch KDE. Like Manjaro and Arco KDE. I tried Garuda few months back and couldnt install. Decided to try Garuda again this morning and having same problem.

Fresh ISO from garuda site for KDE dragonized. USB boot, standard install options. after first reboot nothing will install wit assistant- error
"guest is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported."
Have not had this problem with Manjaro, Arco or Endeavor. None of my Ubuntu devs did this while distro hopping.
I could not find another topic on this forum for this so I added.
Not really interested in editing with VI but will if I have to. Shouldnt have to...
Help would be appreciated as Garuda looks nice and I love the defaults, BTRFS,, Fish, etc.

You are logged in with the guest user. Login with your normal user account instead.


Holy crap. Are you fricking kidding me...
I take that login screen for granted and just enter password.
This is only distro that defaults login to "guest".
What a newbie mistake... Thanks for the quick reply!!!!!

Stupid mistake on my part but I bet there are many people doing this and never reaching out and just moving on to another distro...

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There is an option in Garuda Assistant to remove the guest user if you do not need it.


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