Newbie here, hear me out #2

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who helped me with the first set of questions (which I couldn't
thank because I ran out of messages for the first day on the site) .
Before we start I wanted to mention that I am using the KDE dragonized version (non gaming) so you know if there are any specific things.
Now onto the more advanced second set of questions:
after getting more used to the UI I am still missing some key features I'd like to have for example:

  1. holding down the scroll wheel and navigating up and down with the mouse
  2. when I have an application (like discord for example) in full screen on my second monitor I can not scale it down because I have no access to it's top buttons (the X the square and the minus)
  3. I can not provide any images because I am a new account on the site and also because I have no clue how to print only a part of my screen (like ctrl + shft + s on windows)
  4. I use a corsair virtuoso wireless headset and for some reason when I swapped to Garuda it worked flawlessly on the first day but then on the second day, it only detected the headset's mic and not the headphones themselves (super weird) are there any drivers I need to install or something?
  5. Because many applications do not support linux yet or never will I wanted to also dual boot windows, so I was wondering if there is anything about it on the wiki (I only found it from the other way around, windows --> linux)
  6. Is there a terminal command to download software like sudo apt or pip install? and if so is there a list of the supported products?
    Once again, I thank you for your time and effort.
  7. When switching keyboard languages I didn't find an option for having a default language and then a secondary one only switching my default layout language, any tutorials?
    (also I used to be able to drag left click along the desktop and create a purple rectangle and now it doesn't appear anymore, it isn't an issue - it just makes me sad)

First, nobody is going to spoon-feed you answers as if they were pablum and you a young babe. We're not going to teach you how to run Linux.

Most of these questions can be answered by you if you do some searching here, the Arch Wiki, and Google. Otherwise you run the risk of being labeled a Help Vampire and you don't want to be that person.

Third, please limit your help request to one topic per request. One.

Fourth, Garuda does not support dual-booting. If you want to go down that road, you are on your own.

And fifth, we need a lot more substantive information from you such as inxi output, logs, journals, what you have read and not, what you have tried and what worked--what failed, all that have you done to try to fix your own problem(s).

Then we can begin to help you help yourself.


But you can delete the template.
First thing learned.
But you must read it, before you remove it.



The link between the two posts above is in the last two points of the "How to search for solutions in the right way", which should be read up to the end also, if not mainly, for those two points.


For all these and more: