Newbie fix in newbie terms for NVIDIA HDMI no sound

Hi this is a newbie fix for NVIDIA HDMI no sound issues.

Garuda is a fine linux flavor and it runs a ton of windows programs that other flavors cant.

As I program games in Godot I wanted this flavor to replace my windows system. Worked flawlessly out of box save no HDMI sound.

This took a while as none of the fixes I found worked. Till I did this:

I reinstaled Pipewire. then I went to the file in /etc/udev/rules.d/90-nvidia-prime-powermanagement.rules

Your name may be slightly different. On my system it is the only file in that folder.

I opened it and comment out all the entries. You do this by typing a "#" on each line then saved. That "#" means the computer will not process that line and so ignores it when it loads.

Voile I have sound.

I hope that is helpful for other Garuda / Arch newbies like me.

Please Note as I am a newbie this fix may not work for you and it might mess things up more. But I found this in dicussions on the NVIDIA forum.


Even newbies have something to share. Giving back to the Linux community is highly respected.

Next time please provide a link to the mentioned discussion. :slight_smile:


Aaaaand there goes your Laptop's battery. Please don't complain about power usage now.


I dont use laptops.

But now youtube will not load videos which according to google searches seems to be related to the pipewire issue still. This old desktop has two video cards and it seems it causes conflicts in the pipewire system.

In which case, why do you have the PRIME driver profile installed? :thinking:

You can accomplish the same thing faster by 1) moving/renaming the file 2) deleting the file.


The file was created automatically by the LIVEUSB I dont know what you mean by the prime driver installed. Remember I am a newbie to the technical side of Linux- I have used it a longtime but usually it just worked for me without a lot of fiddling,

SO if you would like to explain to me what a prime profile is and how that relates to laptops etc I would much obliged.

Also dolphin would not allow me to delete or rename the file. I tried. But it would let me edit it.

Lastly that desktop is no in the trash as it gave up the ghost this morning when the cpu finally gave out after 13 years.

But Garuda is running fine and dandy on my little HP AllinOne until I can get a better desktop again.


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