Newbie arrived!

Hello ppl!
My name is Dimitris and I am Greek. I installed some days ago Garuda KDE Multimedia in an attempt to try migrate my needs into a linux distro. I have been troubleshooting windows since XP and i'm looking forward to learn using linux properly..

You will defenately see me posting soon reaching out of help in this vast new valley of information of linux! :smiley:


Welcome Dimitris! :wave:


looks like me and you both are in the same boat bruh lol welcome! I hope you like the community here I sure do!


Σλόου ντάουν γουίδ δε ρικουέστς, μωρ` κοπέλι. Ντελώνει σε φτούνος ο μπαξές;
Κάμε αντέτι να πασπατεύγεις, για να σάζεις κι ετσά να ρθεις ντρέτα.

Γουέλκαμ, επαέ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Θα κάμω μια προσπάθεια να δω ήντα θα ξετελεύγω επαέ γιατί θαρρώ πως είναι ζόρες η δουλειά.. Μα ήντα διάολο να κάμω, τουλάχιστο υπάρχει κομιούνιτι να συντράμει μια ολιά!


Nice to see a few more of @petsam 's compatriots trying out Garuda. `

I feel your pain. You poor abused victim of a control freak of an OS. In decades long cases of abuse like this you must make a clean break. You can't have contact with your abuser at all. No weekend visits for old times sakes. Don't even go anywhere near places your abuser is known to frequent.

Stick to those ground rules and we can hopeflly detox you from this long standing abusive relationship.The best part of your life is just about to get underway (once you leave your old life behind).

Welcome to Garuda. :hugs::+1: