New windows with dual monitors

Ok I’ve tried to research as much as possible, done lots of googling, searching through this forum, reading through the Garuda wiki, and have not been able to find a solution. I found one similar issue on an arch forum but there was no solution. Basically I have dual monitors (one on top of the other) and when I open a program or a new window, the window defaults to opening on my secondary monitor. The bottom monitor is set as the primary monitor in the settings, and it’s slightly annoying having to drag windows around constantly while trying to get stuff set up (prob won’t be as much of an issue once I’m not opening windows constantly). My question is does anyone know a solution for this? Also more than willing to read if someone can point me in the right direction. Sorry I’m advanced if this has already been solved I did try to look through forums and wikis but I had no success.

There's a solution listed here:

For future reference, window behavior is going to be controlled by the window manager/desktop environment, so KDE (assuming a default installation) not Garuda. So when you're searching for problems like that, using something like "kde open windows on display" instead of "Garuda open windows on display" will net you more results.

Also, I'm just guessing that you're using KDE, so this solution might be helpful, it might not. That's why it's very helpful to include your inxi -Faz because that will provide us some very important information, like which window manager/desktop environment you're using. (in this case if you're using Gnome for some reason, this suggestion will be worthless.)


From template.


Post your terminal/konsole in- and output as text (no pictures) from:

inxi -Faz

Without it, you will not receive any help from the Garuda team or your topic is likely to be closed without notice.

Ok thank you and apologies for not including inxi. I am running the KDE version and I’m going to make sure to post it from now on!

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