New version garuda linux development

Good afternoon, I am working on a new version of blackarch, I saw that they have the dragonaized version of blackarch, but the one I am working on is a version based on qtile, doing it with the tools of the full version, if any of the admin or moders are interested in this new version inbox me. Greetings.
P.D.: This new version I'm working on also has a modification in the access bar through the configuration of a youtuber I saw.

Hi there, welcome to the community.

We are currently not interested in getting qtile blackarch edition, because popularity of qtile is very low. It wouldn't make much sense to create a blackarch edition for qtile as it would be too much effort for us as well as our servers to get qtile edition, while many people won't be using it.

Also the whole point of creating dr460nized blackarch edition was to create a nice looking pentesting distro that provides better performance. If you don't beauty of dr460nized, or don't like KDE Plasma desktop, it would be actually better to get blackarch slim iso from their own website.

I hope you understand it.....

And yeah, thanks for showing interest towards development of Garuda Linux.
We highly appreciate your efforts.


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