New user in trouble

Hi, I’m totally new to Linux, so I don’t know almost anything about how it works, I chose this distribution because I found it quite intuitive and easy to get started with this O.S.
I hope you have patience with me, and you can help me in some doubts.
I am trying to install from Pacman, the Synfig application, but when it seems that it is completed, the following error appears. I’m in the latest version of Garuda Lite, and as a graphical environment, I chose Xfce.

hooks could not be executed (to me it appears in Spanish, it is my language, I don’t speak English, I use a translator, I hope you understand well what the error is).

P.S. I have detected right now that with the updates of everything, through Pacman, the same thing is happening to me.

Although this has actually happened to me with other apps, I have tried to Google solutions, and by trying them what I got was to destabilize the system, so I reinstalled it.
Someone can help me, thank you very much.

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You have to install system with
btrfs as file system

It is mandatory with garuda

But if you dont want to

Remove following packages from your system

sudo pacman -Rnsc grub-btrfs timeshift-autosnap

And if you have installed system with btrfs

Then open


And run the first run setup
And set it in btrfs mode


Thanks, I thought I was going crazy.
To install Garuda, I followed the instructions on a website to install Linux, using ext4 as a file format, with custom partitions.
I have a partition that I use with Windows so I don’t lose sensitive data, and if I used the Garuda installation wizard, it was more than likely that I would lose everything.
Is there a guide on how to install manually? (choosing partitions and their sizes).

Thank you very much, and best regards.


you do what you did with ext4

just use btrfs instead of ext4

and follow that guide

but you dont have to reinstall system now

just remove grub-btrfs and timeshift-autosnap
and updating your system will work

but doing this you loose automatic snapshots before update


The only problem is with garuda-common-settings and performance-tweaks