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Hello. I'm new to Garuda (just installed). I used Arch linux for some years, then Manjaro, then EndeavourOS. Very fine to me this distro (I like rolling release distros only). Everything works except for one thing (which doesn't depend on the distribution), namely the connection speed of the servers (this is probably the case today, or maybe it's my connection, but until yesterday it was faster). If you take a look at the following image (I don't upload yet because new user) Imgur: The magic of the Internet, you can see a speed value about 39-200 kb/s. It seems I'm using an analogic modem at 56 kb/s (do you remember that modem? and Linux distro on floppy disks?).

Hi there, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Which servers? The Arch or chaotic-aur mirrors, I guess.
If so, this is probably out of our reach and can depend on a lot of things. It could be temporary or could be fixed at the next garuda-update with the initial rate-mirrors.
If it is a general slowness, that could be checked, but I'd wait and see if the issue is temporary, as you also envisaged.


I agree with FILO. I very rarely get slow connection speed but it happens once in a while and on the next garuda-update, hours or days later, it's back at 50+megs/sec.

Keep an eye on it and if it happens all the time or most of it, don't hesitate to post back. :slight_smile:


Hi filo, yes it was temporary, now the connection speed is ok.
In the first post I forgot to say one thing, now I write it: many thanks to all developers and team of Garuda for his perfect work. Regards (cheers from Italy, I'm Italian as well)


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