New user from Manajro

Long time linux user i just recently switched to Garuda after being fed up by Manajro's lack of focus and reactivity (KDE packages are 6 months old on average).
anyway i tried the dragonized edition and really really appreciated what was on offer
Top features were :
The auto snaphots are a life saver on a true rolling release.
The gaming packages are top notch.

Mjnor complains :slightly_smiling_face: aesthetics from the sweet theme are not gaining any points of my side but it is really a personal view.
One gripe : Nvidia drivers are a mess (from nvidia) with regressions one 520 fixed in 510 and 525 but those versions arent available to Garuda users !

A final word of appreciation for the Kde Lite edition : it is bare but exactly ideal to build upon. It works without any superfluous cruft. No themes, no utils, no nothing pure Plasma bliss and you're one pacman away from your ideal install.




Welcome to the Garuda community.



me too :slight_smile:


welcome to garuda!

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Welcome to the Garuda community!

Totally agree on that one :laughing: :+1:t3:
Saved my a$$ a few times already :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’ve fun with Garuda and that you’re having a good time with it! :penguin:


I was using testing branch with Manjaro so Plasma was always quite recent.
My greatest disappointment with otherwise great distro was crippling of Mesa without any good reason.