New to Garuda


I am new to Garuda Linux, and I plan on switching to Garuda after being a Debian user for a long time. I look forward to meeting people in this community. I would also love some tips on how to transition to an Arch-based distro after using Debian.

Finally, I see under the download page for Garuda that there are multiple different versions. I am planning on using the OS for some light/moderate gaming, as well as tasks such as compiling and programming, etc. Right now I am looking at the " Garuda KDE Dr460nized" version as well as the " Garuda KDE Plasma Ultimate (Gaming)" version. What exactly is the difference between these two aside from the aesthetic component of the dragonized version?

Preinstalled apps
And different theming.

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So the KDE Ultimate Gaming version comes with pre-installed apps or the Dragonized version?

They both do, but they differ in the selection of applications preinstalled.

You can, of course, add or remove applications and change theming yourself freely at any point - as you'll know from Debian. :wink:


Awesome! Is the default shell fish for both versions?

The KDE Ultimate comes with ZSH, at least this ISO did. There has been at least one release since I installed this. At this point I'd avoid Fish cause it can have issues with Flatpaks.


Alright. And if I get the Dragonized version, will I be able to upgrade to the ultimate gaming version later?


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Oh, so that's why I'm having issues with flatpaks, good to know