New to Garuda, returning to Linux after 7yr hiatus

Hello all!

I've recently returned to Linux after about 7 years of Windows-only daily driving. I have throughout the years switched back and forth between the two, for one reason or another, and forgetting most of what I "knew" for each OS in the, though I've used Linux in the past, I'm really not as knowledgable as I should be.

I decided on Garuda Dragonized edition and I'm very happy with it so far. All my hardware appears to be supported well and works (so far). I was able to get Steam/Proton working with ease, and I figured out how to get my backlit keyboard working.

However, I am getting and issue trying to use Octopi now (I didn't have issues originally IIRC). I'll make a separate post about that rather than putting it here.

Anyway, I'm eager to re-learn Linux and excited to be back into the word of Linux.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Use octopi for searching and install software only with pacman.


pacman/Rosetta - ArchWiki


Thanks for the warm welcome!

So, I figured out the issue with Octopi - I apparently inadvertantly changed some permissions which was the source of the error message I was getting. That's fixed now.

Why would I only use Pacman - is there an issue with Octopi? Is Pacman installed in Garuda by default?

Am am experiencing an issue with logging in after the monitor goes to sleep, where the login screen will not accept my password (it says it's wrong) and clicking the option to select another user results in a system hang. So for now, I'm setting the monitor sleep time as high as I can.....

Octopi is fine and good, but any GUI package manager has the potential to hide information from the user. Often in the forum we see issues which turned out to be caused by using a GUI package manager mishandling something.

In the terminal, there is typically a bit more feedback presented to the user to offer clues if something is not right.

Yes, and works just the same as it would on Arch Linux so the ArchWiki is a great resource for learning, et cetera. pacman - ArchWiki

Best to open a new thread, in one of the "Issues" categories (not the "Introduce yourself" category). Be sure to follow the template, and provide as much information as you can.

Welcome to the community @Tech49. :slightly_smiling_face:



I'll post up my issue in the appropriate forum area.

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Welcome, to the real world. :earth_africa:

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